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I am a proud parent whose son danced at Dance Spectrum for an incredible 14 years. This year, he successfully graduated, and looking back, I can confidently say that our journey with Dance Spectrum has been nothing short of amazing. Over the years, my son's experience at Dance Spectrum has been filled with positive and enriching moments. One of the most significant benefits has been the opportunity to work as part of a team. The sense of bonding and camaraderie among the students created lifelong friendships that extended beyond the dance studio. It was heartwarming to see my son grow and learn the importance of teamwork. Moreover, the chance to perform in front of an audience has been invaluable for my son's personal growth. Watching him shine on stage, brimming with confidence and joy, has been a truly rewarding experience. This wouldn't have been possible without the dedicated and talented teachers at Dance Spectrum, who consistently nurtured and encouraged their students. Speaking of the teachers, I must emphasize how wonderful they are. They genuinely love the kids and take a keen interest in getting to know each child individually, understanding what is important to them. This level of care and attention made a world of difference in my son's dance journey. The progress my son made as a dancer over the years was nothing short of remarkable. It was exciting to witness his growth year after year, both as a dancer and as a person. Dance Spectrum has played a pivotal role in shaping his character and instilling a strong sense of discipline and passion in him. If anyone is contemplating enrolling their child in dance, I wholeheartedly encourage them to consider Dance Spectrum. The positive environment, exceptional teachers, and opportunities for personal growth are unparalleled. My son's time at Dance Spectrum has been a truly transformative experience, and I am grateful for the wonderful memories and life lessons he has gained from this extraordinary dance studio."
- Carol


I wanted to send a big shoutout to Miss Lynne and ALL of the teacher assistants in Marlee’s class. There are many studios around, and some closer to my home, but I am so pleased with the design, structure and variety of things happening in the class.   It is evident from the Zoom classes and last week at Parent Week just how much the love what they do and how amazing they are. I see their energy, enthusiasm and dedication. I teach UPK so I know how much patience and love you need to have to work with this age.  I sincerely appreciate how hard they work and how much my daughter is learning. I know she loves to dance. Trying a structured class is new for her, but I can tell she is picking up on new steps each week. She always leaves with a smile and she’s so proud of herself. Please pass along my tremendous gratitude to her teachers. Most important, she feels safe to try new things and explore her love of dance.
- Danielle

Back in 2015 when my daughter was 4 years old, I started my search to find a dance studio where she could learn, have fun and be apart of a dance family. When I found Dance Spectrum, something told me it was gonna be the best choice for us! My daughter took ballet her first year with Miss Lynne . On the car ride home after that first day of class, I remember she couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had and loved Miss Lynne. I knew I made the perfect choice & I haven't regretted a day that has gone by! We chose to come back this year because nothing would keep us from our Dance Spectrum family. My daughter can't wait to be back in the studio with all her friends & teachers. She literally lives, breathes, dance! Thank you for all you do! #wearedancespectrum 


Well, I was not the one who chose Dance Spectrum.  It was my mom.  I was a ridiculously shy kid, and someone told my mom to put me in dance.  When she asked for recommendations on where to send me, she was told "Take her to Patty Polanski!".  Thirty-something years later, here we still are!  I started at 3 years old, and now as a 41-year old adult, I am still tapping away!  I loved growing up as a dancer and this studio gave me so much more than just dance training.  It gave me lifelong friendships, some of which are like family today.  Now that I am a mother and the choice really was up to me as to where to send my daughters, I didn't even give it a second thought.  There is no one I would trust more and no place I would feel as comfortable.  Having my daughter's first year of dance taught by someone who not only still teaches me today, but was my class assistant all those years ago on Walden Avenue, gave me a feeling that I really can't describe.  I wouldn't be me without my DS family.  Hammer!

- Tash

When l started looking at dance studios for my daughter she was 1.  DS was the only place in our area that had classes available for her age. Quickly our Saturday morning Toddler classes became our favorite part of the week. We looked forward to dance day! This year will be her first year that she is in the preschool program and she is looking forward to being able to dance independently. DS has become our second home on Saturday mornings and given my daughter the chance to interact and socialize with other children early on in her development. We look forward to continuing our journey at DS this 20/21 season as I feel as though Ms. Patty and the studio have done everything in their power to protect and keep my child safe. I have never felt uncomfortable there and any issues that I have had are immediately addressed and handled. 

- Abrianna 

We first chose Dance Spectrum because we were worried about our daughter’s shyness and social skills in the year before she started kindergarten, and wanted to give her a place to express herself non verbally, as well as learn the art and fun of dance. A year later, we enrolled her younger brother in the boys hip hop class because he loved to practice his sisters routine during her first year and expressed wanting to have his own dance class like his big sister had. We wanted him to have a safe place to feel like a big boy and develop some independence like he saw his sister gain. They loved participating in family events like the family night and the kids only movie night. They absolutely loved some of the special camps and single day programs. They had many opportunities to be proud of themselves and each other. Dance Spectrum offers discounts for siblings and boys which also made it very affordable to send both of them. 


We chose to return this season because both our almost 4 year old and almost 6 year old adjusted very well to virtual dance classes this last season, they still continued to learn their moves & dances and interact virtually with their teachers & classes. They had a lot of fun with it and got great exercise out of it. They learned not to give up on something and make the most out of a challenge. We got to experience dance as a family. Being both a little shy, dancing virtually made it very comfortable for them to have a lot of fun with it. If the 2020-2021 season is unable to be completely in the studio, we know that even at their young ages, they will have something great to do and a way to connect with other dancers/role models. We wanted our money to support Dance Spectrum through the season of unknowns ahead of us, because the studio offers so many amazing experiences for children and families, and we do not want to see the business or the incredible teachers leave. 

- Rebecca

We chose Dance Spectrum after watching the dancers at the Erie County Fair when my daughter was 3. She loved dancing along to every single choreographed number! We are finishing up our second year with DS and decided to stay for the 20/21 season. Our reasons for this are because of the multitude of changes Dance Spectrum made in these unprecedented times. Not only where we able to have zoom dance meetings but there are also many different virtual activities available. "We are family" is DS's mantra and it's absolutely held true! From teachers posting dance videos, weekly snack and crafts, themed weeks, and virtual movie nights! As the 20/21 season approaches they are taking every precaution necessary to maintain a healthy and safe environment. This includes social distancing in studio and virtual dance classes! I moved about 20 miles away from the studio last fall and still attend despite the distance. We are family!

- Lynnsay

I first chose DS because our neighbor danced on the competitive team for years & raved about how much she loved the studio & the teachers there. I stay at DS because the kids, dance mom’s & teachers become a part of your family. You hope your kids make friends, but when you make friends with other families it’s an added bonus. Teachers & other students have taught my girls confidence & pride in themselves & for others. They learn teamwork, and they learn lots of other things-life to support others, how to get thru hard times & disappointments....things I never imagined they would. Things not only I notice but others too️

- Megan 

We chose Dance Spectrum because two families highly recommended this studio to us. We are new to dance and we were welcomed so wonderfully by all the staff. We felt a member of DS immediately. I am confident that DS is a safe and fun learning environment for my daughter. They have been fantastic through the pandemic and I know that they will continue to support each of their dancers with a positive, supportive attitude. 

- Sue 

We chose Dance Spectrum for our daughter for several reasons. The first was for the reputation that precedes the Dance Spectrum name. A good friend of ours is a dance teacher north of Buffalo and when we asked her to recommend places closer to our home in Marilla, Dance Spectrum was at the top of her list. I was very impressed by the annual recital at Shea's Theater and the family atmosphere. When I initially called to get more information, Dance Spectrum was great with communication and I was excited to have my then three year old daughter begin classes. We started with just the four week summer session and my daughter was so sad when it ended that we started her right up in September for the full year. She loves her teachers and her dance class friends. 

Then Covid-19 hit. I will never forget sitting in the parent waiting room that last Saturday before the state went on pause and the world changed forever. Patty was in the waiting room too, reassuring parents and making it clear that whatever would happen, Dance Spectrum would figure out how to move forward. The communication throughout the pandemic has been top-notch. Right away the dance instructors found ways to hold dance classes on Facebook Live and then through Zoom. As soon as things were safer, Patty figured out a way to still hold the annual recital- outdoors and socially distant. Every precaution and option to make parents feel safe has been offered. To say we got our money's worth is an understatement. Even if things spike again and we go back on Zoom or whatever happens, we never questioned whether or not we would sign up for another year. Having the option to be on zoom regardless also made me feel like our safety is always first at Dance Spectrum. Small businesses need the support of the community, just as much as we need their services for happy, well-rounded children who get to do something they love, like dance. Thank you, Patty and the Dance Spectrum Team!

- Laura


We initially chose Dance Spectrum for our girls because they really wanted to take dance, and Dance Spectrum has an excellent reputation for being a premier dance studio. We are very happy to be here! DS is always professional, very organized, fun and my girls have learned so much in just a couple years! We are coming back for the 20-21 season because children need to continue doing things they love! I feel confident in the safety precautions put in place by Dance Spectrum for dancing to continue. While things are not normal by any means - we still need to find ways for children to have some sort of routine, socialization and fun during these unsure times. I appreciate all DS has done during the pandemic to keep my kids happy and engaged with their friends - either online or in person.

- Jackie 

I remember walking into Dance Spectrum 12 years ago for an open house.  Miss Lynne Met me at the studio door and welcomed me, told me all about the program, teachers, studio.  Dance spectrum was the 5th studio I visited in the area before making my decision on where to start my child in dance.  Miss Lynne’s energy and passion sold me immediately.  I knew this was where we wanted to be. 


12 years and 3 kids later we continued with Dance Spectrum.  I may only have 1 child who stuck with dance, but she’s loved it since day 1.  I’ve seen her confidence grow over the years.  

- Christina 


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