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Our Story

1979, wow that sounds like forever and yesterday all at the same time. After High School, nursing school, dancing professionally with AM Dance in Concert (The first Tap and Jazz Company in the USA), working as a LPN, and teaching for 4 local studios, I decided it was time to pursue my dream. In September of 1979, I opened the Dance Spectrum in a small store front on Main Street in Depew.  My late husband, Tommy Neal, designed the first logo, 5 blocks with our 5 subjects, and it represented the spectrum of dance I wanted to offer.  Opening the Dance Spectrum was the best decision I ever made. My dream to teach children the greatness of dance and most importantly, to be great kids, was now a reality.

After we grew out of our one studio building, we moved to Walden Avenue with one dance room and a spiral staircase to get to my office.  Here at this location we had a few life changing events.  I gave birth to my first daughter, Aubrey, we had a car come through our front window into the lobby, an expansion into a second studio, and the birth of my second daughter, Emma.  By 1990, we outgrew our Walden Ave location and moved into the building you now know today, only it didn’t look anything like it does now. 

The Dance Spectrum at 4705 Transit Rd, was made up of Studio 1, 2 & 3.  The office was where the existing waiting room is today. There was a small costume room/faculty room where the dancers’ kitchen is today.

In 1998, we needed more space and we took over the hair salon that was next to us. This is where Studio 4 and the Costume room are today.  “Onstage Apparel”, our very own dance retail shop,  was located where the current main office is today.  Then 2004 rolls around and we turned Onstage Apparel store area into our now front office, our old office into the lobby you now know.

After 2004, there has been a lot of paint, tile and rug changes but it is still the Dance Spectrum you know today.  

This has been my home and the home of many dancers throughout the years and I’m so thankful to give you a place to call home and to be part of the Dance Spectrum Family. 

With love and respect 
Patty Neal, Founder, CEO

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