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Our Safety

Your child’s safety is our top priority.

We pledge to keep your children healthy, happy and safe!

Fast Facts:

  • Faculty and Staff are certified in CPR, First Aid and the use of an AED.
    (there is an AED machine located near the front desk)

  • We are proud to teach age appropriate classes and choreography. Also, we use age appropriate music and costuming.

  • Each dance room is equipped with “sprung” floors and state of the art sound/tech equipment.


  • Each dance room has ceiling fans and HVAC systems with Merv 10 filters.


  • There are fire extinguishers in the front and back of the building.


  • There are smoke detectors and emergency lighting throughout the building.


  • There are 4 exits in the front of the building and 2 in the back.


  • The front desk has a panic button that if needed, a light will go on in each of the dance rooms alerting the teachers to “lock down”.


  • Each studio has 2 ways in and out and all doors are equipped with dead bolts.


  • Each studio has an intercom system and an emergency bag that contains first aid supplies.


  • We have numerous safety drills in place including fire, active shooter, lock down and lock out.

Did you know:

  • The DS Dream Team consists of 2 Doctors of Physical Therapy, a Mental Health counselor, 2 certified elementary teachers, an elementary teacher assistant, 5 certified teachers in PBT (progressive ballet technique), a graduate student in Early Childhood Education, an MBA in communications, a trader with 3 NASD licenses, a notary republic, a former Broadway professional, a graduate student in school psychology, a graduate of economics and finance, a fashion makeup artist with a degree in special effects, a graduate of business administration, a former student of The New York City Ballet and the American Ballet Theater, a Licensed Practical Nurse, a certified culinary student and a CATT Scan Technologist at Oishei Children’s Hospital.

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