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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Information


Q: What does the yearly membership fee cover?

A: We offer two options for the DS Membership Fees

1. Standard DS Membership Fee includes registration into the school, standard access to class registration & waitlists, livestream viewing access, private Facebook member group, participation in the recital at Shea’s Performing Arts Center and all additional rehearsals, standard access to ticket sales, digital program book and insurance fees for our dancers.

2. Premium DS Membership Fee includes all of the above.


The 2025 Recital Show Shirt, digital download of the 2025 Recital, 20% off DS Retail, 20% off DS yearbook & Recital stuffie, premium prices for all in-house DS workshops and camps, priority registration for the 2024-2025 season, workshops & camps, priority waitlists for the 2024-2025 season and priority ticket sales for the 2025 Recital.


Q: I have multiple children, do I pay the same membership fee for each child?

A: We offer discounts for families with multiple children!



Class Information


Q: Is there a dress code for classes?

A: Similar to having a uniform, it helps the dancers look and feel the part of being a dancer.  A clean body line is essential for teachers to properly correct and assist students. In addition, proper dress code is recommended for the safety of our dancers and teaching faculty.  Please refer to our dress code page


Q: Can my child dance with an older friend?

A: If the friend is the same age, yes. If the dancers are not the same age or do not meet the age range of the level, we would allow the older dancer to join the younger. Unfortunately, the younger can not jump a level to be with an older friend.


Q: What if we do not want to perform in the recital?

A: Throughout the dance season we offer workshop classes for many ages. These workshops range from 4 - 6 weeks and do not perform in the recital.


Studio Information


Q: Is it ok if I drop my child off early for class?

A: Unfortunately, we can not guarantee supervision for your child for a long period of time prior to the start of class. Therefore, for their safety, we ask dancers to arrive approx. 5 minutes before the start of their class.


Q: What is the difference between a workshop and full season class?

A: Our full season class is a total of 31 weeks of class with the dancer performing in our year end recital. Our workshops are short 4 - 6 week long classes that do not perform in the end of the year recital.

Q: What if there is an emergency at the studio?

A: Each studio has the ability to lock in place, and is equipped with an ‘emergency bag’ filled with ice, tarp, flashlight, bandages, etc . Each studio has a planned emergency exit route also, and it is posted by the doorway.  Lastly, the studios are equipped with intercoms and panic buttons connected to each room and the office, for quick communication.


Q: Are your teachers experienced/qualified?

A: Yes! Many of our teachers have come up the DS ranks. Starting as a student. Working their way up as a class assistant and or student teacher before having their own classes. Our teaching faculty attends workshops and/or dance training on a regular basis.

All DS Faculty and Staff are CPR certified.  We are proud to have 5 Faculty members certified in Progressive Ballet Technique.  One of our Faculty members is certified in Acrobatic Arts.

An added bonus is that many of our teachers work with children regularly, either as a classroom teacher, PT/OT, school phycologist, mother and more!


Q: Can my child watch a class before joining?

A: We would highly encourage your child to take a class for free on us! This is the best way for them to experience the class. If they are unable to join class in the studio we do offer a virtual option. They can log in from the comforts of home!


Q: Can I leave the studio premises after dropping off my dancer?
A: Yes, leave and return for your dancer at the end of class. We do require contact information from all families in case we need to get in touch with you during class.  For the safety of our dancers and in conjunction with our safety, fire and lockdown drills, parents/guardians will not be able to wait for their child in the Waiting Room or Kitchen. Parents/guardians are able to help dancers enter the building to get ready for class then return when class is over.


Tuition Information


Q: Is it okay to withdraw for a month because of our busy schedule?

A: Our program is a 31 week season. Unfortunately, we do not credit or refund tuition for missed classes. Therefore, we encourage dancers to be at class each week. There is always the virtual option if need be for a short time. We are also willing to work with dancers who have conflicts due to other activities. Just reach out to us.


Q: Is December tuition less because there are fewer classes?

A: Our tuition is not based on how many classes per month. Tuition is based on 31 weeks of class. That amount is then divided into 9 equal payments regardless of how many classes per month.


Q: I have multiple children, do they each pay the same for class?
A: We offer a 5% discount for the second child and a 10% discount for the third.


Q: Can I receive a refund if my dancer decides to stop dancing?
A: We will recalculate tuition and charge you for the classes attended up until we are notified of your dancer's withdrawal. If at the time of recalculation a refund is due it will be sent to you in the form of a check.


Costume Information


Q: How does my child get a costume?
A: We measure all dancers for their costumes in October.  Then, we order costumes for all of our dancers based on measurements taken by a member of our DS Staff.


Q: What is the price for costumes?
A: Costumes range from $75 - $100 depending on age & level


Q: Can I return a costume if my dancer changes their mind?
A: Unfortunately, most costume companies do not allow for returns once the costume has shipped. However, you will be given the costume to keep.


Q: How do I know what tights my dancer will need?

A: Required tights will be included with the costume for all dancers.



Recital Information


Q: Why do parents need to purchase recital tickets?

A: Recital tickets are purchased by all audience to defray the cost associate with the Recital.  All tickets are purchased through Ticketmaster or at the Shea’s box office.  Our 46th recital will be on Saturday, June 14, 2025.  


Q: Can I purchase pictures?
A: Yes, pictures are taken during class time. Dancers wear their costumes and parents have the option of purchasing a photo package.  Class pictures are taken by Jessica Popovich.  


Q: Is the show available to view after the recital?

A: Yes!  Premium members will received a digital download of their dancer’s recital.  Standard members have the option to purchase the recording of the show.  

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