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Patty Neal
Founder & CEO

Patty Neal is the founder and CEO of the Dance Spectrum studio in Buffalo, New York.  Currently entering it’s 43rd season, the Dance Spectrum is the home to 350 boys and girls, studying a complete dance curriculum for all ages and skill levels. The status of the Dance Spectrum in the Buffalo community and the achievements of it’s dancers are significant, as evidenced by their success on America’s Got Talent, Season #9, 2014 and Season 14, 2016.

Ms. Neal has always been a natural leader, a role model, and a motivator in and out of the classroom.  Returning to school in 2014, Ms Neal recently


completed her MBA at the University of Buffalo’s School of Business Management, Center for Entrepreneur Leadership.  While leading her team, Ms Neal always finds time to connect with the dancers and parents at her school.  Doing this on a regular basis, she is able to understand the “pulse” of her school.

“I have learned so much through the years and I continue to learn every day! 

Ms Neal is certified to teach by Dance Masters of America, recently passed her exams to become an international judge with the International Dance Association, and she is a Founding Member of the International Dance Entrepreneur Association.

“I am thankful and grateful to say I am a Mom, dance educator, and a studio owner! 

I have the best job in the world!”

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