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"Celebrating 45" 2024 Recital

Date: Friday, May 31 & Saturday, June 1, 2024.

Location: Shea's Performing Arts Center

Private Lesson Showcase - Friday, May 31st @ 6:00pm  Click here for Showcase Order

Children's & Recreational Showcase - Saturday, June 1st @ 11:00am Click here for Showcase Order

Competition & Adult Showcase - Saturday, June 1st 6:00pm Click here for Showcase Order

All information below is for the Children's & Recreational Showcase, the Saturday afternoon show.

Check In:

**All dancers should arrive at the Stage Door/Artist Entrance on Main St to the right of Sheas front doors.

Check in starts at 9:45am and no later than 10:15am.

The dancers will be taken to their assigned dressing rooms by the DS staff. The dancers stay in their designated dressing rooms & backstage areas for the entire performance. Dancers will be able to watch the show via livestream on all of the dressing room floors.

**Please bring a disposable water bottle with your dancer's name on it! For All PreSchool, Kinder & Mini dancers, please wear your dance shoes to the theater, leave all street shoes in the car. Acro dancers should wear sandals or flip flops with your dancer's name on them in the backstage area.

**Please do not pack any electronics, stuffed animals or toys with your dancer.  Please leave any and all extra items home or in your car.

**To help with traffic flow, we are asking only 1 parent/guardian brings your dancer to the check in area (courtyard/artists entrance).

**Parents will be given a color coded wristband to wear. You will need this wristband to pick up your dancer after the show. Wristbands are color coded by age. This wristband will allow you, and only you to pick up your dancer at the end of the recital.

**For security reasons the backstage area is locked down during the show. Parents, guardians and friends are not permitted backstage during the show. Be assured your children are safe with us.

**The last number of the show is the Finale. Every dancer participates in the Finale “Celebrating 45”.

Check Out:

Once the show is over and the curtain has closed this is what will happen:

**Only parents wearing wristbands will be allowed in the area (court yard).  Please ask your family and friends to wait on the sidewalk for you.

**The 3, 4, 5 and 6 year old dancers will stay in the backstage area with teachers and assistants. (These are the Preschool 3 & 4 year old programs, Saturday morning boys, Pee Wee Acro classes and Kinder classes.) Dancers from the Mini level and older will return to the dressing rooms to gather any and all of their belongings or costumes.

**All dancers will be dismissed from the stage door. This process will begin approx. 15/20 minutes after the final curtain. The youngest dancers will be dismissed first.

**Please remember we will be dismissing dancers by their “dance” name. The youngest dancers will be dismissed first. This organized dismissal can take up to 30 minutes. Please be patient as our dancers' safety is our highest priority.

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