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Watch Week

You’re invited to return to the classroom for Watch Week, February 6th - 11th!!!

Please help us by following these rules:
** Only 1 parent or guardian per dancer.
** Siblings, grandparents, etc. are not allowed however, they are welcome to Zoom into class.
** Food and Beverages are not allowed into the classroom.
** Water is allowed.
** Be prepared to remove your shoes when you enter the building.

**You are welcome to take photos and videos of your child.  Please check in on Facebook and use #ilovedancespectrum
** You will be asked to silence your phones.
** Please do not coach or correct your child during class.
** To ease with “traffic” classes will be dismissed 4 to 5 minutes early.
** The teachers have so much they want to show you so please arrive at the studio with ample time to get ready to enter the classroom.

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