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Apolla Crew Socks

  • Is it a sock or a Shock?! Let us clear up any confusion… dancers call them SHOCKS because they are the benefit of a SHoe and the comfort of a sOCK…with the added option of grip, they easily replace their footwear making them so much MORE than a sock. BUT to everyone else they are the best compression sock in the world. So while we started for dancers, you may see Shocks and socks...just know they are the same thing and not a typo. 😉

    The feet are fickle (and so are your preferences). Each person will fit their Socks differently…so below the charts are size GUIDES…SEE BELOW FOR SIZING TIPS to help get you in your best fit!

    *PLEASE NOTE: Our socks may not be easy to get on if you are not used to compression socks, and may not work for wide feet. If you have extra wide feet, we recommend waiting to purchase until we come out with our WIDE options and also plan to release XXL sizes this year. You can learn more about how our socks fit and tips and tricks to getting them on by CLICKING HERE.



    Tips for Sizing

    • The Performance Shock/AMP Shock fits like the Infinite, but the size chart IS slightly different so please take note! The top of each size range is borderline, here are tips to help you determine your best fit.
      • Foot size, narrowness and age may change the size up or down.
      • You may consider selecting the smaller of your border line size IF:
        • You are at the low end of a size range, and/or have a narrower foot than average or are petite boned if you prefer a snug fit in the toes you may want to go down a size but if you like wiggle room, go with the size that is recommended.
      • You may consider going UP to the next size if you are at the TOP of the size range and have a wider foot or want more wiggle room. 

    Before placing an order please feel free to email or click our live chat with any questions if your feet may be an exception to the sizing chart or are on the border line of sizes.

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