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Katie Coyne

Assistant Office Manager

Katie considers it an honor to have been a part of the Dance Spectrum family since the age of 3. Her dance experience began when she was a ‘Parakeet in tap shoes’ in Miss Lynne’s class. The 19/20 season will be her 30th year of dance! She is grateful to her parents for providing her with the support she needed to become a part of the competition and company teams. She credits Dance Spectrum with giving her multiple opportunities, including performing and competing both locally and nationally, working with well-known choreographers, and several volunteering experiences.


Although a member of our Office Staff Katie also has experience in teaching at the Dance Spectrum. Katie’s primary goal in teaching is to share the idea of being a life-long learner that her parents instilled in her. Her passion for teaching has extended into coaching the Canisius College Dance Team, being a 5th grade & middle school math teacher, and her favorite teaching position, being a mother. She says, “Knowing that moldable and curious minds are depending on me to help them discover their potential and prepare for continuous growth is a phenomenal feeling.”

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