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Health & Safety Protocols


Studio 1 & 2 & 3 arrive through the Waiting Room Door.

Studio 4 arrive through the Main Entrance Door.

Masks are optional upon entering the Dance Spectrum.

Everyone must sanitize their hands before walking into the Dance Spectrum.

Parents can enter with younger dancers and help with boots and coats.

Please bring all things back to your car with you while you wait. 

Do Not Come To Take Class If

You or someone you've been in contact with has acute respiratory illness.

You or someone you've been in contact with has COVID.

If you have said YES to any of the above, please call the Dance Spectrum, 668-1954, and take class via Zoom!

If you have traveled outside of New York State please refer to NYS Department of Heath Travel Restrictions,


Since the beginning of the pandemic we have followed the guidance and guidelines handed down to us from both state and local officials. Starting today, Monday February 14th, we will not require dancers and/or visitors to wear a mask inside our building. This includes the dance studios. Please know that anyone who chooses to wear a mask is always welcome to do so.


We will continue to follow all other Covid protocols, set by Dance Spectrum, including the cleaning and sanitizing of areas, floors & surfaces inside the building. As always, if your dancer is sick, please keep them home.  Remember that Zoom is always an option.  The waiting room will remain closed.  


If any equipment is used, it is sanitized after each use.

If the teachers make any "hands on" corrections they will sanitize before correcting another student.


Hand Sanitization Stations are located throughout the building.

Studio floors are steamed/sanitized at the end of each day.

Studio floors are mopped with disinfecting cleaners 3x's a week.

The bathrooms are sanitized throughout the day.

24 Merv 10 filters have been installed in our HVAC units.

Waiting Room

The waiting room & kitchen are will remain closed for guardians.  Classes can be watched via Zoom.  IDs and Passwords will be changed every month and will be emailed before the new month.

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